Cloud-based information system used for the buddy / mentor programme at Higher Education Institutions.

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We provide cloud-based information system that enables the management of all the typical tasks of a Buddy Programme with ease - student registration, buddy pairing, data management and many more. We are optimizing the work of mobility officers and international student clubs by connecting students efficiently.

Student Registration

  • Easy registration for international students (mentees) and local buddies (mentors)
  • 3 steps: add personal details, request a buddy and set the date of arrival to university
  • Real-time overview of the registration process thanks to system notifications and automatic emails

Buddy Pairing

  • Chronologically ordered list of international students who requested a buddy (by time of arrival or registration)
  • Choosing of mentees by mentors based on anonymized profiles (only gender, country and interests)
  • Contact information is exchanged automatically but only after students are paired

Student data management

  • Understandable user administration for Buddy Coordinators and IRO officers
  • Easy-to-manage database (filter, sort, edit and export the data to Excel)
  • Automatically generated statistics (overviews by gender, countries, study programmes, faculties...)


  • Customizable inputs (start of semester, logo, university name, facebook feed, contact email, …)
  • Customizable notifications and disclaimers (important information for students during registration)
  • Customizable access (restricted access for particular students and/or faculties)

Software as a Service

  • Cloud-based information system = No installation or extensive IT skills of users needed
  • Provision of automatic maintenance, scheduled backups and security updates
  • Responsive design allows using uni-buddy on any online device from desktop to your smartphone


Universities using uni-buddy

About us

Our vision is to enrich the university environment through efficient cross-cultural interaction.

Our mission

  • to facilitate the work of coordinators of mobility programs (e.g. Erasmus+ Programme)
  • to support the work of international student clubs (e.g. Erasmus Student Network)
  • and to intensify the interaction between local and international students of universities


  • Mikulas Josek (project coordinator)
  • Vit Bares (back-end developer)
  • Honza Jerabek (front-end developer)

Got any questions? Would you like to work with uni-buddy in your university? Don't hesitate to contact us at!